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Site Template in AEM FAQ by Aemtutorial


Site Template in AEM FAQ

What is Site template (known as Sites 30)?
Site template is a predefined template which can be the starting point of any website creation. It contains basic theming, page templates, configurations and sample content. Instead of going to the archetype way of creating step by step approach of developing a website, Site template helps to utilize the out of the box components and templates and setup a website in shorter period of time. Once the site is up, the developers parallely work towards achieving the brand styles and customization (utilizing CSS, JS)

This is the new recommended Adobe way of developing an AEM site

Can I get it installed on my local AEM instance?
As of now the Site Template is enabled as part of AEM as A Cloud Service ONLY. We will have to contact Adobe to get this feature enabled in our AEM AS CLOUD.

Where I can get the templates?
This is an open-sourced project like Core Components. It can be downloaded from Basic Site Template project on GitHub, but always ensure you use the latest release.

What is themes in Sites?
Themes used to depict styles. We can modify theme sources of an Adobe Experience Manager Site to apply brand specific styles.

Where I can find more details?
We can always get demo and tutorials on below link.

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Site Template in AEM FAQ


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Could you help me with creating our own template, if there is any document to create it.
I have used this link but was not able to create it.


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thanks for the response.
Actually i want to create site templates.i followed the steps mentioned in link https://github.com/adobe/aem-site-template-builder but i am not getting the expected repository structure .Could you help me with the steps to create the site template.