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Sightly rte hyperlink rendering issue


Level 4


I am trying to display html content from rte in my Sightly component. I am using {data @context='html'}. This works fine for complete HTML content except  hyperlinks in content are getting rendered as plain text. I have tried all other display context available and nothing seems to be working here.

Has anyone else faced similar issue?

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Level 4

Component - demo

1. Component Dialog has a field with xtype="richtext", name="./text"

JS file(demo.js)


var text = properties.get("text","");






3. component html file

<div data-sly-use.demo="demo.js"> ${demo.text@context='html'}</div>


Drag this component on one page. And in component dialog paste below HTML code:


    <li>Line 1</li>

<li><a href="http://www.google.com">Google Link</a></li>

<li>Line 3</li>



When this link is displayed on webpage, it just shows Google Link label instead of hyperlink.



I tried to reproduce this, but it shows the correct link. In any case you don't need the Javascript code, you can point directly to properties.text.

Can you share something like a package or so?