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Sightly Code to iterate over Map which is list of String - Does not work in 6.3


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Hi All,

We have sightly code which was working fine in 6.1 and stopped working in 6.3.

Code to iterate over Map which is a list of String.

Sightly (HTL)

<sly data-sly-use.table="${'my.models.Table'}">


          <table data-sly-list.row="${table.rowList}">

               <tr data-sly-list.columnCell="${table.rowList[row]}">









Model Java:

Map<Integer,List<String>> myMap = new HashMap<Integer,List<String>>();


    for(int i=1;i<=3;i++)


         List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();

         list.add("" + i);

         list.add("" + i*i);

         list.add("" + i*i*i);


         myMap.put(new Integer(i-1),list);


This sightly code stops working where ${table.rowList[row]} always returns null and hence inner loop does not execute.

Is there any change in 6.3 with respect to sightly where rowList[row] kind of notation is disabled ? Could not find something similar on google.

I also tried iterator way and passed the item in the array index. But that also does not solve the issue.

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The way I fixed it was by converting the Map key from Integer to String.


No change in Sightly component.

Not sure how this worked in 6.1 and not in 6.3.

kautuksahni​ / smacdonald2008​ : Have you heard about this type of issue before ?


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And we were able to identify the same pattern for 2 other components and fix it in the same way.

Basically the array notation with square bracket is not working where the Model is returning HashMap(Interger,List<Object>).



Can you quickly try with Map<Integer,String> myMap = new HashMap<Integer,String>(); ?


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Actually the above article - shows use of Sling Models and a Multi-field. Its useful but does not show use of a Java collection. See this 6.2 artilce where we use WCMUSePojo and show use of a Java collection in the Java code and how to render the values: Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating an Adobe Experience Manager HTL component that displays a r...


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Hi smacdonald2008​:

Thanks for the article but that uses a normal java collection and I have evidences in my code that this works fine.

The issue we are observing is especially when there is a key which is Integer object and in sightly we use [] notation. See my code above. This used to work fine in 6.1


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Can you show what you are doing in the Java code.

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