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Search and sort based on properties of referenced nodes


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What is the best way to search and sort JCR nodes[having references to another set of nodes] based on a properties on the referenceable nodes they are referencing ?

Please look at the below sample node structure




: name - String - Test1

: propertyX- Reference - uuid1


: name - String - Test2

: propertyX- Reference - uuid2







: title- String - TestTitle1

: id - String- 123

: jcr:uuid - uuid1



: title- String - TestTitle2

: id - String- 453

: jcr:uuid - uuid2


Now I would like to search and sort child nodes  under parent-node-a based on the tile property on the nodes they are reference from parent-node-b. Appreciate any guidance here.

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Hi @Seek_AEM -

Do you mean, you have access to child-node-b1, child-node-b2 and want to search parent-node-a for the child nodes with propertyx-reference values uuid1 and uuid2, sorted by the name property?