SCR to R7 Migration (DS annotation)



Hi Team,

I am new to DS annotation.

We were using SCR annotation, now we are getting like this is deprecated and now for any new service (workflow, servlet or scheduler) creation we need to use R7 annotations.



I tried to follow :

To use R7 annotation. but after adding plugin and dependencies to pom.xml and build project still I am seeing error.

So could you please guide me how to Migrate from SCR to DS annotation(R7).
1- is there any help guide documentation SCR to R7?


2- do we need to Migrate all the old code from SCR to DS annotation, if we dn't migrate old code and kept as is SCR annotation what will be the impact?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @tushaar_srivastava,

As a first step, I suggest to go through below link which explains about SCR and OSGI annotations, concerns about migration, mixed use and related 

In particular for OSGI R7 annotation, details about plugin, dependency details with example is highlighted in 

Try following the links and try once in local with one simple class being changed to OSGI R7 annotation and build project.

Share the error details that you come across as you build.


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