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Resource Mapping in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) by Abhigyan Swaroop


Resource Mapping is very common and one of the extensively used solution in any technical implementation using AEM. In this article, we will try to understand the basics about it.

What is Resource Mapping in AEM?
Resource Mapping in AEM is a feature which enables AEM to define redirect, virtual host or Vanity URLs. It is used to create desired beautified URL Patterns which is clean and user-friendly in order to help make your website user-friendly and URLs, easy to remember.

For example, if an actual URL/content path in repository refers to https:www.myHost.com/Content/myHome/Homepage/contentpage.html
with the help of resource Mapping it can be converted into a user-friendly form

How to define Resource Mapping ?
Define desire mapping pattern in
You can define the set of rules which will execute and form the URLs based on the pattern you want the end users to access.
The list can be viewed under JCRResolver in AEM and can be used to resolve and test the configuration.

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Resource Mapping in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)


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