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RedirectTarget Not Working in AEM 6.2


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Hi Team,

Page properties redirectTarget property is not working in AEM 6.2.

Even it's not working on we retail reference site.

If someone have faced this issue.Please help us.



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Thanks for quick response Feike !

I found this issue in AEM6.1 with SP1 as well .
As a workaround I included page.jsp from foundation , to my project head.html which redirects the page to "redirectTarget" url.
Will it be fine to do like this or you recommend something which will be better than this workaround ?

Best Regards,


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Feike Visser wrote...

Can you try this redirection on publish?


In 5.6 we use to inherit this page component -



which use to have following code for redirection-

 // read the redirect target from the 'page properties' and perform the
    // redirect if WCM is disabled.
    String location = properties.get("redirectTarget", "");
    // resolve variables in path
    location = ELEvaluator.evaluate(location, slingRequest, pageContext);
    boolean wcmModeIsDisabled = WCMMode.fromRequest(request) == WCMMode.DISABLED;
    boolean wcmModeIsPreview = WCMMode.fromRequest(request) == WCMMode.PREVIEW;
    if ( (location.length() > 0) && ((wcmModeIsDisabled) || (wcmModeIsPreview)) ) {
        // check for recursion
        if (currentPage != null && !location.equals(currentPage.getPath()) && location.length() > 0) {
            // check for absolute path
            final int protocolIndex = location.indexOf(":/");
            final int queryIndex = location.indexOf('?');
            String redirectPath;

            if ( protocolIndex > -1 && (queryIndex == -1 || queryIndex > protocolIndex) ) {
                redirectPath = location;
            } else {
                redirectPath = slingRequest.getResourceResolver().map(request, location) + ".html";

            // include wcmmode=disabled to redirected url if original request also had that parameter
            if (wcmModeIsDisabled) {
                redirectPath += ((redirectPath.indexOf('?') == -1) ? '?' : '&') + "wcmmode=disabled";



Now in 6.2 we are using sightly and we are having super resource type as -



And this doesnt have any code like above for redirection.


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So any outcome? Is this going be fixed in any of the CFPs? or in AEM 6.3, 6.4?

A client was asking about this functionality and I had to tell them Adobe is aware that this is an issue and is working on it.