[AEM 6.2 <-> Campaign V6.1 Integration] Failed to load images



Environment Information:

AEM version : 6.2

Adobe Campaign version : 6.1

Adobe campaign Hybrid Model

Adobe campaign Mid sourcing deployment model

Adobe campaign on premise marketing wfserver build number: 8861

Adobe campaign client console build number: 886


Below steps were followed to create an email delivery:

1. Created campaign email

2. Published page

3. Started workflow : Approve for Campaign

4. Approved content

5. Started workflow : Publish to Campaign

6. On the Campaign Delivery console when Sync button is pressed, the image is not loaded. However when I open the delivery already created by the "Publish to Campaign" workflow in AEM, the same image loads in the delivery console.


When the sync button is pressed the image path is a relative one. So the image is not loaded without the domain name or IP address.

PUBLISHED FROM "Publish to Campaign" WORKFLOW:

In the delivery which is auto created by the "Publish to Campaign" workflow in AEM, the image has the complete URL including the domain name or IP address of my publisher. So the image is displayed.

I have configured my externalizer as per the documentation Integrating with Adobe Campaign 6.1


Is there some config which I am missing, Please help me to understand.





Yes, documentation provides all the steps. Did you go through the problem stated above?

Here is the problem in short:

When "Publish to Campaign" workflow is triggered, image URL found in campaign delivery rich text editor


When Sync button is clicked and an email content is selected, image URL found in campaign delivery rich text editor


So why does this happen, is there some config that I have missed ?




Hi atuls35897406

Have you tried the below option?

If images do not appear in the Adobe Campaign console

Check the HTML source and validate that you can open the URL from the client machine. If the URL has localhost:4503 in it, then change the configuration of Day CQ Link Externalizer on your author instance to point to a publish instance that can be reached from the Adobe Campaign console machine.

See Configuring the Externalizer.


Prem Kumar Ganesan