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React Text Component is not adding in aem-guides-wknd-events example.


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Hi Team,

I have installed AEM 6.4 (with Service pack 2) on local machine successful. My plan is to create AEM SPA project in local environment. So i have refereed below adobe site link to create AEM SPA project

Getting Started with React and AEM SPA Editor



Below is the listing of chapters in the tutorial:

Successfully completed Chapter 0 - project Setup steps and finally build deployed project into my local AEM instance. As per the Chapter 1

steps i have created React "Text " in  wknd project and build and deployed successfully into my local AEM instance. But "Text" component is not visible on my local environment.

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Getting Started with React and AEM SPA Editor - Chapter 1

So I have tried multiple times but same result, So could you please assist how do i add React component in Wknd project.



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Interesting, in the tutorial docs before they were publicly available there was a section that talks about AEMFED (AEM FrontEnd Developer) which is an application that automatically pushes your compiled React app into aem.

aemfed -t "http://admin:admin@localhost:4502" -w "./jcr_root"

AEMFED will be monitoring the jcr_root folder within your React App and as soon as a change is made (eg: npm run build), it will deploy the change into AEM.

I'm not seeing anything around this on the Helpx docs for the Wknd tutorial though ...

I haven't gone through the Wknd SPA tutorial specifically, but I have deployed a simple SPA to see how it works. I'll probably go through the Wknd SPA tutorial this week and if you don't get a better answer from someone else, I'll circle back here and provide me thoughts.


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I am hoping you have created a component successfully. then after

As the template is an editor,  have you added a component using template policy. then only you will be able to add the component to parsys and then drag drop.

please let know if you are able to add it.


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Hi @aem_marc,

There are two WKND tutorials one for traditional AEM sites and then another set for developing with the SPA editor. The traditional sites one includes some steps to use AEMFED: Getting Started with AEM Sites Chapter 3 - Client-Side Libraries and Responsive Grid

AEMFED could also be used with the SPA Editor but I think the intention is to do most of your local SPA development using the built-in webpack server: Adobe Experience Manager Help | Getting Started with React and AEM SPA Editor - Chapter 2 and just periodically deploying the compiled App to the local AEM instance (using maven or AEMFED)


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I'm assuming that you see the Text component in the AEM UI and that you can add it to the page, but when you do it disappears?

It may be a JS / client lib caching issue: Adobe Experience Manager Help | Set up a Local AEM Development Environment there are some steps to invalidate the clientlibs and then trying a fresh browser session / clear history might help...


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I'm having the exact same issue and I do not see the text component at all in the AEM UI, it just says "No resultsPlease try with another keyword"


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I am having the same issue. Could you please share how did you fix it.