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Code Reuse With Custom Sling Model Injectors by Perficient


In my blog Writing Less Java Code in AEM with Sling Models, I talked about writing less code using Sling Models. I followed that up with Writing Less Java Code in AEM with Sling Models & Lombok. I talked about code generators helping in saving time by not writing redundant codes. You could say I am lazy. I like to use the tools and frameworks at my disposal.

But sometimes it is inevitable. We have to write code. I am anything if not efficient. When I write code, I like to make it as concise and simple to understand as possible. In this blog, I am going to talk about the reusability of code helping in writing less code.
Tag ID Model
As an example, I am going to revisit the Tag id model from that first blog post. In that example, the multifield items had a tag ids property named ./tags. This I injected into the model as ItemTags

ItemTags getTags();
And ItemTags implemented Iterable

interface ItemTags extends Iterable {
@Model(adaptables = Resource.class, adapters = ItemTags.class)
final class ItemTagsImpl implements ItemTags {
private final List tags;
public ItemTagsImpl(
@Self @Via("resourceResolver") final TagManager tagManager,
@Self final String[] ids) {
this.tags = Arrays.stream(ids)
public Iterator iterator() {
return this.tags.iterator();
public void forEach(final Consumer<? super Tag> action) {
public Spliterator spliterator() {
return this.tags.spliterator();
The Sling Model code has the smallest amount of code possible. Yet, tags are ubiquitous in AEM. The chances that I may need to put in place another model that also needs to resolve tags are high. Let us explore some of the code reuse options we have.

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Code Reuse With Custom Sling Model Injectors


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