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Radome value in page mapping config


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A question. I'm creating a page mapping and I've run into a problem that I can't find a regular expression for the mapping.

Is there an expression that accepts any


.../{any value}/...

sling:internalRedirect     /content/sites/websites/$1/product/$2

sling:match.     mysite.com/(en_us|es_mx|de_de|ja_jp|fr_fr)/products/category/{any value}/(.*)

parameter and does not pass it into a property for the redirect?

I do not have a standard situation, but I don’t really want to create custom services for this case.


Thank you in advance.

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Yes. RegEX working but didn't help me because I think (.*?) passed to $n variable and brock the path to the resource.


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Hello @aliaksandr_hvozdzeu - 


sling:internalRedirect /content/sites/websites/$1/product/$2 sling:match mysite.com/(en_us|es_mx|de_de|ja_jp|fr_fr)/products/category/(?:.)/(.)


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Why do it on Publisher, would it not be better to do it in Webserver layer?




Yes, it is better, but in our case, it is not possible to do this. There are many reasons.