"authenticationSupport service missing. Cannot authenticate request":Error, after installing the ACS Commons package in AEM 6.3



Hi  All,

I am trying to install all code packages which are working fine with AEM 6.2, But when try to install the same package on AEM 6.3 with ACS commons (3.10) ,its giving "authenticationSupport service missing. Cannot authenticate request"  .Which version of ACS Commons with AEM 6.3 will resolve the issue?

Please help me with this.





Community Manager


You get that error when the authentication bundles haven't started yet. In some cases this is just a matter of time - the start up may still be progress. If it isn't just time then there are any number of reasons why the authentication bundles might not have started. There are two steps you need to take to troubleshoot the issues:

  • Look at your error.log during start up and look for exceptions and error messages. These exceptions and error messages will clue you into what the problem is.
  • If you don't see error messages log into felix and see if you have any bundles that aren't starting and try to manually start them and watch the error logs while you are manually starting them.

1) Re-index repository -: Stop your AEM instance then rename/delete "index" folder present under "auhor\crx-quickstart\repository"

2) Restart AEM instance.