Secure pages on author and publish



I want to secure pages/sub-pages on author and publish, that will become un-secured at a future point in time.

I was considering using ACLs on a secure folder but the pages are rolled out using Live Copy, from Global to Region to Local and I am concerned when pages are made un-secure at the global level e.g. by moving them out of the secure folder, we may have some Live Copy issues, as the pages will initially be rolled out within the secure folder, then later outside the secure folder.



     / secure (Protected by ACLs)

          page.html <-- Initially page is secure

               sub-page.html <-- Initially page is secure

     page.html <-- Made un-secure at a future point in time.

          sub-page.html <-- Made un-secure at a future point in time.


     / secure (Protected by ACLs)

/ local

     /secure (Protected by ACLs)

Alternative approaches might be:

  1. Use a CUG but this is not enabled on author by default. Do people enable CUGs on author?
  2. Programmatically add/update rep:policy nodes
  3. Create a custom filter to check permission. Potential performance issue?