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As a content author, How can i publish a whole site in AEM 6.5 in one go?  I suppose its using the manage publication feature and adding the root page to include subpages? 

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @key-key,

To successfully publish your entire AEM site to all your publishers, and assuming your website is not too large, and assuming that you only have access to the Author you can:

  1. Setup: Configure your replication Agent with the correct list of publishers. - link
    - test the connection, ensure that you are setup correctly. 
  2. Replicate Project Script(s): Crx/DE Package Manager, Replicate your scripts content package (typically in ui.apps if you follow the AEM Maven Archetype folder structures)
  3. Replicate Project Dependencies Script(s): Crx/DE Package Manager, Replicate your supporting dependencies such as ACS Commons, AEM Forms Package, AEM Service Packs, etc..
  4. Replicate Content - Option A: Replicate pages and it's References.
    - Replicate via AEM's built-in Publish Reference Feature - link
    Replicate your content via Touch UI you can multi-select pages to be activated; activating pages from Touch UI has a feature where it will also activate DAM assets, editable components, tags, and all other AEM resources that are used/linked to that page, so you will not forget to publish pages.
  5. Replicate Content - Option B: Replicate it all via Content packages. - link
    - Replicate all content; assuming that all content is for the public.
    Create a new content package in with the filters below (catches most of the content related filters a basic AEM site would hold); build and replicate the package.
    <filter root="/conf/my-site"></filter>
    <filter root="/content/cq:tags/my-site"></filter>
    <filter root="/content/dam/my-site"></filter>
    <filter root="/content/experience-fragments/my-site"></filter>
    <filter root="/content/my-site"></filter>
  6. Replicate Content - Option C: Replicate it all via Tree Activation - link
    - Replicate all content; assuming that all content is for the public. 

 Good Luck!



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Answers (6)




Another option is to create a package of your site with all dependencies and replicate the package itself from the Package Manager




Hello @key-key 


Tree Activation could be used for the use case you have -

Note - Now tree activation is done from <host:prt>/libs/replication/treeactivation.html


But since you need to publish the whole site, you may want to do via Package method. Just create a package of your site and install it over destination instance.


Hope this helps!


Best Regards,







If it is just content, you can use tree activation option.

But remember the tree activation is no longer under /etc but rather under /libs

Instead the url that you should be using is - http://<HOST>:<PORT>/libs/replication/treeactivation.html