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Overview of asset ingestion and processing with asset microservices by Adobe Docs


Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service provides a cloud-native method to leverage Experience Manager applications and capabilities. One of the key elements of this new architecture is asset ingestion and processing, powered by asset microservices. Asset microservices provide a scalable and resilient processing of assets using cloud services. Adobe manages the cloud services for optimal handling of different asset types and processing options. The key benefits of cloud-native asset microservices are:

1. Scalable architecture that allows for seamless processing for resource-intensive operations.
2. Efficient indexing and text extractions that does not impact the performance of your Experience Manager environments.
3. Minimize the need for workflows to handle asset processing in the Experience Manager environment. This frees up resources, minimizes load on Experience Manager, and provides scalability.
4. Improved resilience of asset processing. Potential issues when handling atypical files, such as corrupted files or extremely large files, do not impact the deployment’s performance anymore.
5. Simplified configuration of asset processing for the administrators.
6. Assets processing setup is managed and maintained by Adobe to provide best known configuration for handling renditions, metadata, and text extraction for various file types
7. Native Adobe file processing services are used where applicable, providing high-fidelity output and efficient handling of Adobe proprietary formats.
8. Ability to configure post-processing workflow to add user-specific actions and integrations.

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Overview of asset ingestion and processing with asset microservices


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