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Overlayed Workflow email template to /apps not working


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Hi Team,


I've overlayed default folder /libs/settings/workflow/notification/email/default/en.txt this to /apps/settings/workflow/notification/email/default/en.txt

and created only en.txt under /apps/.. 

But it's not picking the customized template from /apps path. 


Tried below solutions/points but had no luck:

1> /system/console/configMgr - email notification has been set. (it's pointing to libs)

2> We could not add sling:resourceSuperType or sling:resourceType to a default folder. as it's the properties we are using for cq:components (correct me if here missing something)

3> Added mixin-types as Public (granite:PublicArea) to the default folder to access it publicly but no luck.


Could anybody help me to get /apps... path email template instead of /libs?


Thanks in advance!

Nikita M.

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You need to restart the osgi bundle/component then only changes will be reflecting.


Arun Patidar


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I've restarted the AEM instance + OSGI com.day.cq.workflow.impl.email.EMailNotificationService component + com.day.cq.mailer.DefaultMailService component

Still not able to reflect the /apps path email template.


Any other possibility, that we missed here? 


Level 3

I am running into the same issue. I did find this thread which states that overlaying the node on an on-prem instance will not work: Solved: Email Notification template - Adobe Experience League Community - 544232