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New features/method not executed after deployed


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Hi All,

I figured that my bundle is not executing new features after the manual maven installation. So I tried a log trace code as:

log.trace("start my new features");

Then I ran maven as:

mvn -Pinstall -Pinstall-publish clean install

The code basically installs the bundle on both author and publisher instances. But when I looked at the log, the line is not logged. I looked at the package installer and figured everything is correct, service is running fine from /system/console. So every time I have to restart my AEM servers, any idea how I should accomplish it without restarting the instances?



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Employee Advisor

As per my understanding, maven is not deploying the latest changes to the AEM instance when deploying manually.

Try to change the log level for maven to verbose and check through the various stages of build/compile.


Level 7

It's installing the jar file, but not loading the updated one. I tried a few times to upload it from the package manager and installed it on different servers, all other servers are the same. I barely remember if it was working without restarting the server, seems that it changed to the current behavior a few months ago.



Have you tried to manually delete your bundle in the OSGI console and deploy your bundle via Maven again? This will tell you if there is an issue with the deployment or the bundle.


Level 7

Yes, tried multiple times, but it doesn't help.