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Need AEMCaaS quality check profile


Level 2

We want to setup our local sonarqube server similar to what is running on AEMCaaS.


We are able to setup the sonarqube server and use AEM latest plugin(from sonarqube marketplace). But there are many rules which are not covered by the AEM plugin or the Default profile.


1. From where can I get the profile having complete rules similar to AEMCaaS?

2. Which sonarqube server version is used at AEMCaaS ? Latest LTS is 8.9.7 but seems like AEMCaaS is using some older LTS release. 

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Level 2

@Bhuwan_B Thank you for your reply. I have gone through these. 

2) All the rules mentioned in the sheet are not provided by Sonar Way(Default profile) or the Plugin mentioned in 3rd point. For Eg: CWE-676

3) This is the AEM Rules plugin we have installed from marketplace but this also doesn't provide all the rules.