My Journey towards AEM and as an AEM Community Member!!




Hi Community,

Here I am going to tell you, how I became an AEM Community Member  and won Community member of the year 2017.

As a fresher, I started my career as a Documentum developer (A.k.a CMS) in 2012 for almost one and half year and later moved to another project which uses Adobe CQ5.4 and started working as an author. As an author, I do not know development part in AEM and thanks to Facebook AEM developer groups for getting interaction whenever I am stuck with the development activity.  Then I got introduced to some of the AEM Community people like Scott Macdonald, Lokesh BS, Praveen Dubey etc., are one of the top AEM community members. They used to help me a lot in learning and also I used to work with the Community in AEM Forums and started helping.

I didn't even see Adobe Docs for learning of AEM development as the aem docs are not very clear for developers and not in an understandable format. I have seen HELPX articles posted by Scott Macdonald in the AEM developer's group in facebook and I used to check that and follow the articles which explains the steps in detail and this is how I learnt AEM development in 2013. Also, I started testing the AEM HELPX Community articles which are published twice in a week and also contributed the code base to the HELPX community articles and started answering the people questions in AEM forums from which I have learnt. By being part of the community, I started really learning AEM.

I also cleared AEM Developer Certification exam with this whatever I learnt from the AEM Community HELPX articles and Community people and still I am learning new things in AEM. Also, I received many Amazon gift cards for my great community interaction, testing HELPX articles and contributing the AEM code to the community from consecutive 3 years and finally I bought this awesome device last year December 2016.

Scott's Digital Community: Thank you AEM Community members

This year, I have been invited to AEM Adobe Meet-up that happened in Delhi NCR on September, 2017 and I really got surprised most of the people in the Meet-up recognized me and I also received the Amazon gift card and also awarded as an "AEM Community Super user" in-front of everyone. I really felt very proud on that Occasion of my great work towards community and here are the pictures of the great occasion.



And finally I have been awarded as AEM Community Member of the year 2017 and gifted with Awesome Laptop. Scott's Digital Community: Congratulations Ratna Kumar Kotla - our 2017 AEM Community Member of the ... . My special thanks to smacdonald2008​ and kautuksahni​ for recognizing me as great AEM community member and I always happy to HELP Community.


Ratna Kumar.




Community Manager


Very well deserved!! Don't forget to share the picture of your AEM Community Member of the year 2017 gift.