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Hi AEM guru's

i am using AEM Archtype 19 project.

I am using mySQL , I have downloaded  the driver from the location and installed it. 

Everything is working fine.

However what I am looking for is automated process when the maven will download the mySQL driver and install it in AEM and it should be visible in the bundles console.

I have copied the dependency (refer below) in the POM.xml.

<!-- -->






What is see is the driver folder is downloaded in the following location C:\Users\Administrator\.m2\repository\mysql\mysql-connector-java

but when I install mvn clean install -PautoInstallPackage,   i do not see the driver (Oracle Corporation's JDBC and XDevAPI Driver for MySQLcom.mysql.cj) in the bundles.

am I missing something?



Answers (3)

Answers (3)




You just declared the dependency, but you did not use it. If this driver is already bundled as OSGI service, you should add it to your ui.apps/pom.xml and declare it to be embedded into the content-package. Just like [1] but for the mysql driver.

[aem-project-archetype/pom.xml at aem-project-archetype-19 · adobe/aem-project-archetype · GitHub ]



thanks for the response.

I am able to manually install the driver in the bundle.  What I am looking for is when I install my AEM archtype project, it should automatically install the mysql jdbc driver.

The links provided install it manually.  

Am i missing something?



Wrap the Driver file into an OSGi bundle and deploy. This is shown in many articles:

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Querying MySQL data using an Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 DataSource...

As Joerg has pointed out - referencing the dependency in the POM file only ensures the build is created successfully - it does not place the driver file into an OSGi bundle and deploy to AEM.