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MAC Local Instance Startup Issue


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We've run into a bit of a roadblock with all of our Mac developers in our office. No one running Macs is able to currently start up their local instances of AEM (we tried both 6.4 and 6.3) on any version of MacOS we have (10.13.6 or 10.14.6). We had them try and remove their local instance completely and re-install, which works successfully, but the moment they try and shut down and then start back up their instance, they all hang after the exact same sequence of messages in the crx-quickstart/logs/error.log

  1. 19.11.2019 15:32:56.611 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] org.apache.sling.settings.impl.SlingSettingsServiceImpl Active run modes: [crx3, author, samplecontent, crx3tar]
  2. 19.11.2019 15:32:56.611 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] org.apache.sling.settings Service [Apache Sling Settings Service,24, [org.apache.sling.settings.SlingSettingsService]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED
  3. 19.11.2019 15:32:56.624 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] org.apache.sling.installer.provider.file Service [Apache Sling File Installer Controller Service,25, [org.apache.sling.installer.api.UpdateHandler]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED
  4. 19.11.2019 15:32:56.628 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] org.apache.sling.settings Service [Apache Sling Sling Properties Configuration Printer,26, [org.apache.sling.settings.impl.SlingPropertiesPrinter]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED
  5. 19.11.2019 15:32:56.629 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] org.apache.sling.settings Service [Apache Sling Sling Settings Configuration Printer,27, [org.apache.sling.settings.impl.SlingSettingsPrinter]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED
  6. 19.11.2019 15:32:56.631 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] org.apache.sling.settings Service [org.apache.sling.settings.impl.SlingSettingsServiceImpl,28, [org.osgi.service.cm.ManagedService]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED
  7. 19.11.2019 15:32:56.632 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] org.apache.sling.settings BundleEvent STARTED
  8. 19.11.2019 15:32:56.637 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] org.apache.sling.launchpad.installer BundleEvent RESOLVED
  9. 19.11.2019 15:32:56.637 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] org.apache.sling.launchpad.installer BundleEvent STARTING
  10. 19.11.2019 15:32:56.639 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] org.apache.sling.launchpad.installer Service [Apache Sling Launchpad Startup Listener,29, [org.apache.sling.installer.api.event.InstallationListener]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED
  11. 19.11.2019 15:32:56.640 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] org.apache.sling.launchpad.installer.impl.LaunchpadConfigInstaller Activating launchpad config installer, configuration path=resources/config, install path=resources/install

Has anyone else seen this issue?

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