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Language copy issue with Experience Fragments references


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Hi, when you create a language copy for a site, through a translations project, all the links to pages to the same site are translated to the new language copy site.
For example:
my original site is: /content/my-site/en/...
and my new language copy is: /content/my-site/es/...

so, all the links to other pages inside /content/my-site/es/... will be translated from /content/my-site/en/... to /content/my-site/es/...

My question is: How can I do an automatic translation of the links to experience fragments?
in my pages inside /content/my-site/en/... I have links to  /content/experience-fragments/my-site/en/...
in my pages inside /content/my-site/es/... I still have links to  /content/experience-fragments/my-site/en/... instead of links to /content/experience-fragments/my-site/es/...

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The team wants to know --

  • What is the AEM version being used here? FYI, this got added in AEM 6.3 SP1
  • Has the Customer added the relevant rules for translation in the translation rules file, refer the attached mail thread for a similar Dl-Tech query on Experience fragments translation a while earlier


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  • the AEM version is:
  • Yes, there are a lot of rules added in the translations_rules.xml file but what I am trying to do is automatic translate the language of an experience fragmente link. If I add the property in the file I will sent it to someone to translate it and this is not what we want.

FYI we are using human translation.


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Hi Matiasv916,


How did you solve this issue then? Could you please provide the resolution in details?





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Not sure if this is possible with config.

Though you can add one more process step to WCM: Translate Language Copy workflow to translated experience fragment links.

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