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Junit for getting Configuration through Bundle Context


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I am trying to write Junit using Junit5


ProcessingComponentConfiguration config;

FrameworkUtil framework;

void setup() {

ConfigurationAdmin configAdmin;

ProcessingContext context;

BundleContext bundleContext;

SlingHttpServletRequest request;

void testInit() throws IOException {
Mockito.when( request.getServerName()).thenReturn("server");



It is giving null pointer exception when I inspect framework.getBundle(Test.class).getBundleContext().


How to write Junit for this. Below is my code.


BundleContext bundleContext = FrameworkUtil.getBundle(Test.class).getBundleContext();
ServiceReference slingSettingRef = bundleContext.getServiceReference(SlingSettingsService.class.getName());
SlingSettingsService slingSetting = (SlingSettingsService) bundleContext.getService(slingSettingRef);
ServiceReference factoryRef = bundleContext.getServiceReference(ConfigurationAdmin.class.getName());
ConfigurationAdmin configAdmin = (ConfigurationAdmin) bundleContext.getService(factoryRef);

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Employee Advisor

I recommend you to use the AEM Mocks library; it provides you mock implementations for the OSGI basics and there you can create tests much more easily and convenient.


I wrote some blog posts about it, you can find them here: https://cqdump.joerghoh.de/tag/unittest/


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Hi @Jörg_Hoh 
If we don't want to change the original codebase is there still any way to mock Bundle Context?



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@gazzalm54335496  Did you find a fix for this problem?

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