JavaScript Use-API and Multivalues



Concerning this tutorial on creating a tabular layout dialog​, I have a question about the mechanics at work.

Specifically, I am trying to understand the following line:

if (item.hasOwnProperty("multivalues"))

I understand that `item` is using `properties` ( to traverse the value map and get the node by the name of `subscriptionmulti`.

However, where is the `multivalues` property coming from?

Thank you kindly for your assistance!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




'item.hasOwnProperty("multivalues")' says that item should've a property of its own with the name 'multivalues'. The variable item is the JSON representation of 'tempProposerMap' which is essentially 'subscriptionmulti' property.

It should be available in the attached source code or when you code/configure the example end-to-end, you should be able to locate it.

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