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Issue with Event Sync Admin Threads Causing Page Modifications


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I'm writing to seek assistance with an issue we've been encountering recently involving Event Sync Admin Threads in our AEM 6.5.17 environment. This issue has been affecting our author instance and causing unintended page modifications, where pages are being marked as "modified by administrator," resulting in disruptions for our web production team.

Specifically, we've observed the following log entry:

[EventAdminAsyncThread #7] org.apache.felix.eventadmin Service

We suspect that this EventAdminAsyncThread #7 is somehow triggering the page modifications, but we're not entirely sure how this process is initiated or why it is impacting our pages.

If anyone in the community has encountered a similar issue or has insights into the following questions, your input would be greatly appreciated:

  1. **How does the EventAdminAsyncThread #7 work within theAEM 6.5.17 environment, and what might cause it to trigger these unintended page modifications?

  2. Are there any known configurations or settings that could be causing this behavior?

  3. Are there any best practices or recommended actions to mitigate or prevent these page modifications from occurring?

Our web production team is keen to resolve this issue promptly to minimize disruptions and ensure the integrity of our content. Any guidance, suggestions, or past experiences related to this issue would be immensely helpful.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. 


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@darksoul have you recently upgraded to AEM 6.5.17? Have you configured any new launchers or event handlers or rep agents? 


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Yeah we had upgraded to 6.5.17 but no new launchers or rep agents configured


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HI @darksoul 


You posted just an excerpt from that log entry, and that was not super helpful. The "EventAdmin" threads belong to the OSGI Eventing, which is used within AEM in many ways in a publish-subscriber model, in a fully extensible way.

That means, that you have your own code performing this change, and I cannot exclude the chance, that AEM also has functionality being triggered by OSGI eventing, which modifies pages.


You definitely need to provide more context so we help to dig deeper.


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@Jörg_Hoh  Here is the screenshot of the log, let me know if you need other details