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Issue with Connected Assets



Hello Team,


One of the customers has an issue around the Connected Assets in AEM. The connection between CMS and RemoteDAM has been successfully established, and authentication from CMS to RemoteDAM is also successful. However, when attempting to drag and drop RemoteDAM assets from the CMS authoring page, the images are not being displayed/loaded properly.


To provide further details about this issue:

  • Reproduction Steps:
    • I have attached an image file that demonstrates the steps to reproduce the issue. 
  • Version Information:
    • AEM version 6.5 for RemoteDAM. 
  • Error Messages or Error Codes:
    • Resource /content/dam/connectedassets/pecobo/en/private/adobe-test/galaxy_universe_stars_125862_2560×1440.jpg.ximg.i_12h.smart.jpg not found.

Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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Community Advisor

Hello @eobaseki,


Can you access the asset directly with url through browser?


I hope you followed the steps for connecting RemoteDam: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/assets/admin/use-as... . Specially the point #6 for CORS configuration on the assets deployment.







Hello @A_H_M_Imrul -san


Thank you so much for reaching out.


No, I cannot access the asset directly through a URL in the browser. When I attempted to drag and drop it, it seems the system failed to fetch the asset from RemoteDAM, even though I can see all the remote DAM assets in the sidebar. Additionally, I have already gone through the CORS configuration steps and made modifications to the dispatcher as well.



@eobaseki @The way connected assets work is when an asset from connected assets rail of sites is dragged and dropped on a page, You get a pop up  notifying that asset is getting synced to AEM sites instance under the connected assets folder. If you didn’t get this pop up, it means that sync job hasn’t got triggered.

Looking at the error you mentioned, It could be the case that asset is not synced to Connected Assets folder of Sites Instance.

Try dragging and dropping the asset to the placeholder on page instead of doing it on a component dialog and see if you are seeing this issue. 


Do please note that asset sync to AEM sites instance takes time depending on the size of the asset.