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Issue while using adaptto of a custom Model that implements a Core interface in a different Sling Model


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Some context I have a SlingModel that implements the Accordion core interface that is mapped to a AEM component lets call it component X
I have another AEM component lets call it Component Y with a corresponding Sling Model that needs some info from the other component (component X).

When I want to adapt in the Sling model of component Y a Resource to the Sling model of Component X with AdaptTo method.
All my "own" fields are mapped correctly  but the accordion variable is null after the adaptTo().
If I open Component X the mapping is correct and I see the correct data.

@Model(adaptables = {SlingHttpServletRequest.class, Resource.class},
resourceType = {ExperienceZoneScreenModel.RESOURCE_TYPE},
defaultInjectionStrategy = DefaultInjectionStrategy.OPTIONAL)
public class ComponentXModel implements Accordion {

@Via(type = ResourceSuperType.class)
private Accordion accordion

private String title;

public List<PanelContainerItem> getConfiguredItems() {
return accordion.getChildren();



@Model(adaptables = {Resource.class, SlingHttpServletRequest.class})
public class ComponentYModel {

public String getItems() {
ComponentXModel cmp = child.adaptTo(ComponentXModel.class);
cmp.getTitle(); // Provide the right title
cmp.getConfiguredItems(); // accordion is null


 Does anyone has an idea how to make sure the accordion isn't null?


Kind regards


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The implementation and standalone is working fine.
Problem exist when I want to adapt a resource to the ComponentXModel that my Accordion or in your example the Teaser is null.