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Remove old running instances of workflow if payload matches


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If I schedule publication for asset A at path /content/dam/test/article-a, it creates the scheduled activation workflow as expected. Now let's assume it is scheduled to be published at 3 PM. Let's assume I missed one change while editing, so I made the change and marked it to be published at 3:05 PM, so it would trigger another workflow. Now because of the scheduled activation workflow, it would trigger publication at 3:00 PM for asset A and another publication at 3:05 PM for the same asset. 


To avoid double publication, is there any easier way for the editors to see if there is any existing running workflow for the asset? Considering there are huge amount of editors and want to avoid too many technicalities for them.


Is there any OOTB way to remove the old running workflow if the payload is the same? Or will I need to write a custom workflow step to check all running workflow and remove if the payload matches?




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Hi @chintan97 
Are you using OOTB schedule publish workflow? If yes then each state of scheduled workflow is going to publish that exact version of the page.

However you can check the existing workflow from timeline





Arun Patidar


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Hi @arunpatidar , Yes. I am using OOTB workflow. I do see workflow pending for the asset. 

Looks like for our case, I will have to remove older versions of the workflows when a new activation request comes and if there are already some activations are pending.