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Invalidate JSON service cache on webpage activation.


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I have JSON service exposed to other system from AEM ex: https:domainname/content/portal/services/apidata.getMenuData.json
This is achieved as below. 
The data which needs to shared in JSON is configured in webpage  say "/content/portal/menuconfig.html" via dialogue.
There is service component with "getMenuData.json.jsp" to read data from "/content/portal/menuconfig.html"
getMenuData.json.jsp code looks as below :


getMenuData.json.jsp :
               String xPathQuery = "/jcr:root/content/portal/menuconfig/jcr:content/body/menuconfigurarions";
                    Session session = resourceResolver.adaptTo(Session.class); 
                    QueryManager qm = session.getWorkspace().getQueryManager();
                    Query q = qm.createQuery(xPathQuery, "xpath");
                    QueryResult result = q.execute();
                    NodeIterator nIt = result.getNodes();
                    Property prop = null;
                        while(nIt.hasNext()) {
                            Node node = nIt.nextNode(); 
							 //read the dialogue value and convert to array and assign to output object 
                            if(node.getName().equals("menuconfigurarions") && node.hasProperty("items")) {  
							 prop = node.getProperty("items");
							   MenuList = prop.getValues();
                             outputString = menuconfigurarionsArray.toString();    
							..... } else { ...} }.....


   Once page is edited and activated then flush agent invalidating https:domainname/content/portal/menuconfig.html but https:domainname/content/portal/services/apidata.getMenuData.json is not getting invalidated. How to achieve JSON path invalidation on dispatcher when activating "menuconfig.html" webpage.
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@kyasam if the page path is not matching with your content service path, you need write ACS commons Generic rules..



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