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Introducing AEM as a Cloud Service – Diagrams & Explainer by TAD REEVES - jetteroheller dot com


For people like me who have spent the last 10 years of their life wrangling AEM (or CQ5) infrastructure, AEM as a Cloud Service (which I hope Adobe gives a more google-friendly name) is the single biggest shift to the way all of us imagine deploying AEM, and the most massive shift to the way operations-focused folks view our own career future.

It’s a big freaking deal, and you should understand what it is and what it potentially means.

What is “AEM as a Cloud Service?”
AEM as a Cloud Service is a yet-to-be-generally-released service offering from Adobe, which is the next evolution of a managed AEM offering after Adobe Managed Services. Just like it sounds, instead of creating a managed AEM infrastructure with individual servers that you provision, license and maintain, AEM as a Cloud Service further abstracts the hardware layer of AEM, taking care of scaling AEM vertically and horizontally for you as appropriate, and presenting you only with the AEM endpoints you need to author & publish content, and interacting with the code on AEM exclusively through Adobe’s Cloud Manager CI solution.

It’s easier to explain visually. Here is what the current Adobe Managed Services solution looks like.

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Introducing AEM as a Cloud Service – Diagrams & Explainer


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