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Hi team,

I have an use case, component A extends ootbcomponent upon that compo A has some custom fields so if i want to include that component A in another component using granite/ui/components/foundation/include it should show the fields of  both ootb and component A how it can be done?

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It should not have done that.

So say component A has proxied OOTB component, and then you update the component's policies to use a particular style system. If your component A is included via granite ui utils from Component B, then your component A should retain the component policies. 


Now say you component B is going to @include Component A, but now you want to remove some touch ui fields from the component. Unfortuntely, from experience, you must proxy your component A as component C, and then manually manage nodes from the cq_dialog. 


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Hi Thank you,

I'm extending component instead of include so how to inherit style policies also from parent component. I was thinking of getting in backend model so how can we get parents component's policy in child model?