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Implementing Adobe Experience Manager In The Cloud For Seamless Deployments | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Implementing Adobe Experience Manager In The Cloud For Seamless Deployments by Bounteous


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) is the newest innovation of Adobe's Experience Manager that offers Cloud native solutions for Experience Management. AEMaaCS enables the customers to move away from versioned releases to version-less, continuously improving software as a service.

AEM As A Cloud Service In Action
Let's look at some of the business use case scenarios that would help customers have a better understanding when choosing Adobe Experience as a cloud service, either to migrate their existing AEM implementations or start a new implementation.

AEM Infrastructure and Support Costs
Hosting AEM instances on-premise can be difficult to maintain or manage your AEM Platform's infrastructure and support, especially since the license cost is based on the infrastructure and users. This results in difficulty scaling due to the inflexibility of the infrastructure and costs.

AEMaaCS License is based on usage and takes care of scaling the infrastructure vertically and horizontally when needed.

Adobe handles the maintenance of your AEM instances and there is automation of tasks like data storage, garbage collection, version purges, and compaction. AEMaaCS comes with support from Adobe's Engineering Team if a client runs into any challenges on the platform itself.

Upgrading to Latest Versions of AEM
Historically Adobe has released the newest version of AEM annually, and upgrading projects on a regular basis requires development and becomes expensive very quickly. On top of that, it can seem insurmountable if the customer is at a much lower version when compared to the latest releases.

In the prospect of not going through this upgrade process, AEMaaCS provides automatic updates with all the latest features and bug fixes several times a month. Hence, AEMaaCS is always running on the latest versions and does not incur a separate cost for upgrades.

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Implementing Adobe Experience Manager In The Cloud For Seamless Deployments


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