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Add Watermark on the Video in AEM using FFmpeg | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Add Watermark on the Video in AEM using FFmpeg by Stories by Abhigyan Swaroop on Medium


What is Watermarking?
Watermarking is a technique with similarities to steganography. It is typically used to identify ownership of the copyright of such audio, videos or images. Digital watermark is the process to add such identifiable digital signature on the assets.

What is Common use cases?
In this world of digital marketing, companies spend a lot on increasing the digital presence and register themselves in every way possible to its prospective customers. Images and video production and use in advertisement is common practice. This not only attract customers but also established the brand presence among them. Adding watermark to these assets further adds on this and adds a recall of a brand whenever one see these content. Common industries making use of watermark are Consumer goods, Online retailers and content creators, Sponsors for event/celebrity etc.

AEM is a very powerful tool to manage content and cater to the customers.
During various implementation, I learnt client want to protect their videos and images

In this article, I will try to walk you through the process to add watermark image on any video via FFmpeg and then how to do it in AEM.

How to add image watermark on the video in AEM
You would need to create a video profile in AEM with the filters options defined.
There are different ways we can add watermark on the videos, some of them are as follows, but this will need to be run in the command prompt/terminal directly. Using these you will get a feel of how your video will appear post-processing in AEM, however this is not exactly we will do in AEM. We will touch the topic to tackle it in AEM in following sections soon!

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Add Watermark on the Video in AEM using FFmpeg


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