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HTL Syntax Error


Level 4

Actually, I am trying to use the below syntax

<span data-sly-use.params="${'tagname.js' @value=item.productFilterTag}" class="package-uses"

But getting this error

"Cannot get DefaultSlingScript: Identifier tagname.js cannot be correctly instantiated by the Use API"


And the tagname.js code is given below

use(function () {
    // you can reference the parameters via the this keyword.
    var resourceResolver = resource.getResourceResolver();
    var tagManager = resourceResolver.adaptTo(Packages.com.day.cq.tagging.TagManager);
    var tag = tagManager.resolve(this.value);
    var name = tag.name;
    var title = tag.title;
	var pageLocale = currentPage.getLanguage();
    var localizedTitle = tag.getTitle(pageLocale);

    return {
        title: title,


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Level 4

Okay @arunpatidar 

Let me try but can you please explain to me what's the js code issue.


Level 3

@Ameen_Dev Check the error logs you can find out the exact issue. Might be the issue while resolving the tagid/tagpath "item.productFilterTag"