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How to Update Workflow Priority


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Hi All,


I want to update the workflow priority such that all the steps should be in the updated priority. By default, it is getting medium priority.

I tried to create a new custom process step to update the priority, however, it is not working properly.

PFB the code to I currently have in the custom process step

import com.adobe.granite.workflow.exec.InboxItem.Priority;

@component(service=WorkflowProcess.class, property = {"process.label=Assign Priority"})
public class AssignPriority implements WorkflowProcess {
    public void execute(WorkItem item, WorkflowSession wfSession, MetaDataMap args) throws WorkflowException {


Any help would be appreciated.



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You can set the priority for the workflowItem. I am not sure if you need to call wfsession save at the end.  If workflow API does not work then you can use JCR/Node API. 





Arun Patidar



Priority: The available options are High, Medium, and Low. The default value is Medium. 

You can change it though in process step using WorkItem API. https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-3/sites/developing/using/reference-materials/javadoc/co...



While creating new task, you can set the priority.



The logic to fetch or create data for TouchUI inbox is at the Java side, below is the basic flow:

~ A request to '/aem/inbox' resolves to path '/libs/cq/inbox/content/inbox'.

~ This renders data per [1] which creates the html page per [2].

~ At the same time [1] triggers a get request to fetch the data for the inbox page [3] which is handled by a servlet [4] and used by [2] to create the complete inbox page.

~ Further on logic goes to [5] and [6] to fetch the data per the logic.

[0]: /libs/cq/inbox/content/inbox

[1]: /libs/cq/inbox/content/inbox/jcr:content/views/list/datasource

[2]: /libs/cq/inbox/gui/components/inbox/inboxitem/list/list.html

[3]: cq/inbox/gui/components/inbox/datasource/itemsdatasource

[4]: com.adobe.cq.inbox.impl.servlet.ItemsDataSourceServlet.java

[5]: com.adobe.granite.workflow.core.WorkflowSessionImpl.java

[6]: com.adobe.granite.workflow.core.jcr.WorkItemManager.java


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@vanegi I am currently using WorkItem as you mentioned to update the priority. However it's not working properly


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This answer is not correct at all.

WorkItem API is not working neither for priority or due date.

I'm searching for a while now, how can I. update some details for the workItem and I am not able to find anything valide.Is really frustrating.

Please let us know how should we use this WorkItem API.

Thanks you!  


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Hi @puscasd22398856 were you able to find an answer to adding priority to workflows?