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how to sync (and check) users betwen publishers manually? (FIXED maybe)


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I was using the wrong query in querybuilder that why my numbers are so out of sync

I want to manually sync the users in pub2 to pub1

Sync was done using the instructions on this page: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-65/administering/security/sync.html?lang=...


before user sync:


pub1: 13xxx users
pub2: 14xxx users


to check the numbers, I used querybuilder on both publishers and used the query below (I tried with and without jcr:primaryType. It doesn't make much difference.)




after user sync: pub2 still has more users than pub1. in fact, pub1 now has 12xxx (much less than what I started with)


Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong?



  • Adobe/AMS had to exclude (during package creation) the home folder for the admin acct as this is causing issues during import
  • same as above but this time, Adobe/AMShad to exclude the custom admin acct (which I use. as a SaaS platform, we don't have access to the default admin acct)
  • After the 2 issues were fixed, no more errors where encountered during import.
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The answer to the question has already been added by @jayv25585659  in introduction itelf. We should be good to mark it as resolved.

Aanchal Sikka