How to silently deploy AEM 6.4 for Windows with SP2 included?



I have downloaded the installation package and SP2, but I don't see how to apply the service pack to the installation.

I'm trying to create an installation package with all the latest patches already installed so updates don't need to manually applied on every workstation.

We do this when deploying Adobe Acrobat and I'd like to do something similar with AEM.


I manually installed AEM 6.4 and when I check for updates, I see an error that says "This installation has not been configured properly for Software Updates. See the error log for details."

I don't know what "the error log" is.  What log located where?

I don't really want to install the update manually through the GUI anyway, I want the update to already be included in the installation.

I have seen this link already: Upgrading to AEM 6.4 but I don't see step by step instructions on how to do this for Windows.







I think the screenshot/error message above is related to workbench integration and not with AEM.

AEM's error.log is located in the installation directory under logs folder

path:  <aem-setup-folder>/crx-quickstart/logs/....

check if this link helps - Upgrade Procedure

You may create a script (sh/bat) file and use curl or python to install the packages one by one and read the logs for success/error, if any. You may also use any ACS Commons utilities for same to push through the changes automatically one by one when one server is up & running.




Is it possible to download AEM 6.4 with SP2 already in the installer?  Is the version number shown in the screen shot not already updated?

I don't understand the information in the link you posted or know anything about writing Python scripts.  I would need step by step instructions.

All I want is to be able to deploy this software to users with all the updates already installed like we do with other applications such as Acrobat.




Also, this is not for a server.  This is the software that will be installed on end-users' Windows 10 workstations and I meant SP3, not SP2.




I don't use it.  I'm just setting up the installation for others to use.

The program naming is very vague.  It only says "Designer" and "Workbench." 

How can I tell?

Here is a screen shot of both applications.





That link is for LiveCycle.  That is a different product that installs using an msi file.

The installer for this products is just named "install.exe"

I need a way to automate installing this product plus the latest service pack.

So far, I can't even find clear instructions on how to to apply the service pack manually on a Windows 10 workstation.

It would be really surprising if there is no way to deploy this with the service pack already pre-installed (slipstreamed), but if so, we still need to get the service pack installed manually.  If I install the service pack manually, I may be a able to use a third party tool that can capture the changes and make custom installer file.  However, most Adobe products have a native method to automate this.  Don't know why this would be any different.

Can anyone explain how to do it either manually step by step or, better yet, show how to create an installation package with the latest updates already installed?

This is what this installation files look like.  It is just called "aemforms_workbench_6_4_0_all_win"

It has a batch file built-in called "run_windows_installer.bat" with this text in it:

@echo off

@setlocal enableextensions

@cd /d "%~dp0"

set _JAVA_OPTIONS=-Xmx512M

if not "%1" == "" goto ARG_MSG

set Installer=.\6.4\Disk1\InstData\Windows\VM\install.exe

start "" "%Installer%"

goto END


echo  Arguments are not supported, navigate to "%Installer%" to use them directly with the executable

goto END


It just installs the software, but I still need to install the updates.

Is there a place to copy the SP3 files so that they get installed automatically?

If not, how do I install SP3?

Is this the correct forum for AEM deployment questions?