How to rotate Dynamic Media's s7access and ImageServer log files in AEM ?



AEM with Dynamic Media Enabled

Hello Adobe Community,

This is my first posting here . . . I hope I'm doing it correctly . . . here is my question, I hope someone can help!

When we enabled Dynamic Media, it automatically installed two log files in <cq-installation-dir>/crx-quickstart/logs/:



As with our other log files, for each of these dynamic media log files, a new one is added each day (the documentation refers to this as "rotating").

For each of the other (non-dynamic media) log files, only the 7 most recent files are kept.  But for our dynamic media log files, the number that is kept is not limited to 7; the dynamic media log files just keep accumulating.

Can someone please share the secret for how the number kept of the Dynamic Media log files be configured in AEM?

Or is the only way to manage it ourselves, such as by setting up a chron job to zip up and or delete older files?