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How to restrict the rollout of sling:resourcetype property to certain blueprints ?


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How to rollout sling:resourcetype property from master copy of a blue brint to it's live pages but that master copy should not inherit the resourctype value from it's own blueprint?



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Hi @chinmayis865517 

1st part of your question makes sense where you want rollout sling:resourceType property from master to live copies which is general case. When you rollout from master copy, it's going to rollout components (along with its properties) to live copies.

What I'm unable to understand is 2nd part of question where you ask "master copy shouldn't inherit from its own blueprint" - does that mean you've either multiple master copies where one of the master copy is in live relationship with another master (let's call it parent master). Is that the case?

Also, if that is the case, then may I ask the reason for having multiple master copies? 

Correct me if I've misunderstood. 

Best regards,
Himanshu Singhal


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Hi @Himanshu_Singhal ,


Thank you for the reply.


We have got corporate sites and dealer sites. Corporate site is the blue print of dealer master,  dealer master is the blue print of dealer- single.

The sling:resourceType property value should get copied from dealer-master to dealer-single when rolled out but not when rolledout from corporate site to dealer master because the resourceType is different for the dealer sites.


Kind regards,