How to get session inside slingmodel



Dear All,


I have one requirement like below. When Author will put the SKU Id in dialog , as shown in below,



After author will put the SKU Id (for example 12345) , then this ID will search in content/dam/site/skuid folder and the document where this sku id is attached will come as link .


I am trying to do this logic inside

private void initModel() throws Exception {


But , I am not getting any session "or" resource inside  initModel().


Can anybody tell me how can I achieve the above scenario ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @dipu2 


In order to get session,

  • you can first get ResourceResolver object with 
    private ResourceResolver resourceResolver;

  • Then in initModel() method, you can adapt it to session like
    Session session =resourceResolver.adaptTo(Session.class);

In order to get resource, you can use
private Resource resource;


Hope it helps!



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Answers (2)





It might be possible to get the session from the current session of the current request, but the session obtained may not have the correct permissions to the path: content/damsite/skuid. If the session have no permission to the content path, then you can get a content not found an exception. Also, Sling Models should be lightweight and should have minimal logic. Your requirement seems like there might be mid-weight logic that can be re-usable. This would be a great time to create an OSGIService & Service Users.

Implementation Idea:

I hope this helps,