How to create Experience Fragments Template?

chirran414 08-11-2018

Hello Everyone,

Is there any tutorial or any documentation on how to create an Experience Fragments template as in the following screenshot. (Those are given Templates to use in order to create an experience fragments). If we want to create our own project specific templates how to create it? Can anyone point me in right direction to achieve this?

Like Editable templates, can we create a multiple Experience Fragments Templates or just we use only one?

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.02.57 AM.png



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


You can create XF template similar to page template and add new template in cq:allowedTemplates property at /content/experience-fragments

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Answers (8)

chirran414 12-11-2018

Hi Arun,

If we do like that we would see our newly created template under Experience Fragments from the Global Navigation and it would act as a normal editable template. But when we look at the We-Retail project it has following changes as well. 1. xfPage page component and they did changed the sling:resourceType pointing to xfPage page component.

xfpage, resourcetype.png

Then only we would see this Variation icon.

Variations option.png

Add to your point, I think after creating the normal editable template using empty-page template type, then allowing this path under /content/experience-fragments allowedTeplate property we also need to do these 2 changes as well I think. If you have any idea about this?.

pablom63973339 29-07-2019

Thanks chirran414, this worked for me.

A small addition, it may be obvious for some but took me a while to realise. Is important that said template status is enabled and not in draft

chirran414 26-02-2019

Step1: We need to create a separate template for Experience fragments under "conf" folder and adding superType as cq/experience-fragments/components/xfpage do necessary changes ... (in our case we overlay xfpage component did some changes as per our requirement). like how we-retail project did as shown in the bellow screenshot.



  1. Browse to /content/experience-fragments
  2. Add your project Experience Fragment template path (/conf/example-project/settings/wcm/templates/experience-fragment(.*)?) to cq:allowedTemplates property under /content/experience-fragments as shown in the screenshot below:


These 2 changes would be enough

After that you can browse here and you can create experience fragment by selecting experience fragment template.


sushmaa61672298 26-02-2019

Hi Chirran,

Can you please let me know what are the 2 additional changes you are referring to here.

One is adding superType as cq/experience-fragments/components/xfpage to the page component of my editable component.

What is the second change?

chirran414 13-11-2018

yeah, I am also trying to say here is the same. we have to consider these things also for XF in addition to just adding cq:allowedTemplates property at /content/experience-fragments


Actually page component for XF should have cq/experience-fragments/components/xfpage super type to enabled XF editor features similar like wcm page component.