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Gravity Framework gravity-sdk-pkg-2.2.256.zip file not available


Level 2

Hi everyone I would like to have access to gravity-sdk-pkg-2.2.256.zip package within the CRX Package Manager.

Since I don't have the CRX Backend Server I need the file to be able to develop a Front End client Application with FlashBuilder and Adobe Flex.

Is it possible someone give me that file?

Here is a screenshot where the file is located:


Best Regards

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Level 10

I am not familiar with that package - can you point the community to the doc topic where this is mentioned. 


Level 2

Here I found it in this tutorial : https://youtu.be/c22Av0XCPeE?t=120

Session 15 (Part 1): Setting up the Client Component Framework Development Environment - YouTube

The documentation for it : Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform * Client Component Framework SDK

The best would be to get the es-sdk-pkg-1.0.169.zip which contains all the SDKs

Do you have any thought on the provided infos?