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Get Unique Identifier


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Is there a way to getUniqueIdentifier in sightly?I want to get the component unique identifier in sightly and have that loaded on my javascript but cant seem to find any documentation around the same for sightly.

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Create a method in the Sightly Java bean to generate a UUID value. 


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Hi @Deleted Account,@smacdonald2008 

have you done this.If yes i need your help.I have created alphabetical search component.When i inserted this component several times in a same page,component which is present down the page it's property applied on the top of the component.

PFB details.




In above image when i insert the same component many times in a same page ,the last component search index did not apply on it's component content(like it should search abc but it is searching Apple which is present top of the page),it's getting applied on the component which is authored on the top of the page.I mean searching should apply on the current component but it's getting applied the same component which is present top of that.I already created a one extra text-field and write htl <input type="hidden" id="uid"> and retrieved this in the JavaScript.But no luck.Please help me.it would be appreciated.