Errors when trying to use custom page template as editable template








I want to setup editable template so that the author can remove components that's in the templates as required. The final template will have:

  • left navigation
  • several links
  • 1 RTE


We are currently using static templates which I believe is the norm for AEM 5.x and 6.0-6.1?

I am trying to use this template on a editable template and it seems to be working fine initially. The only change I had to do is to edit the parsys properties so that the components show up on both the template and a content page using the template.

The problem starts once I start adding components to the template. As mentioned above, I want to setup the template so the page has been pre-laid out for the authors. As a test, I placed a custom link component on the template.

When I reload the page that's using the template OR create a new page based on the template, I get these problems:

  1. The component listing on the left side panel is now empty.
  2. There was a parsys (I call this a drap and drop spot) on the page and this is gone too.
  3. The CTA link I added on the template doesn't show up on the page.

Some observations:

  1. I noticed on CRX/DE that the link was saved on this node => /conf/a1apps/settings/wcm/templates/content-page/structure/jcr:content/root/content/cta_button.
  2. As a test, I did the same on the We.Retail Content Page template and the link was saved on this node => /conf/we-retail/settings/wcm/templates/content-page/structure/jcr:content/root/cta_button.
  3. For my template, policy changes appear on => /conf/a1apps/settings/wcm/templates/content-page/policies/jcr:content/content.
  4. For the We.Retail template, policy changes appear on => /conf/we-retail/settings/wcm/templates/content-page/policies/jcr:content/root
  5. In the case of the page using the We.Retail template, the 3 problems I mentioned above are not happening.
  6. As another test using CRXDE, I moved cta_button node from /conf/my-app/settings/wcm/templates/content-page/structure/jcr:content/root/content to /conf/flinders/settings/wcm/templates/content-page/structure/jcr:content/root. I then deleted this node => /conf/my-app/settings/wcm/templates/content-page/structure/jcr:content/root/content. Several observations when I did this:
    • When I refreshed my template, the link is not showing up anymore.
    • The components on the side panel are still showing and I can still drag and drop them.
    • On the page using the template, I still cannot see the link.
    • On the page using the template, the components on the side panels are now showing and I can drag and drop them again onto the parsys.

Any ideas on what could be happening and how to fix?

Thank you


Here's an album of screenshot of my setup:

If I missed any information, I will check see if I can provide it.