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Error: org.apache.sling.scripting.sightly.render.ObjectModel Cannot access method redirectTarget [Revisit]


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Hi All,


Initially I had an issue of object access issue described in this thread:




Basically I created a template with a structure resource located at

/apps/mysite/components/structure/content-detail. I like to have my own customize resourceSuperType, so I copied "core/wcm/components/page/v2" to "/apps/mysite/wcm/components/page/v2", without any changes. Then all pages using content-detail will have "Cannot access" errors when pointing to /apps/mysite/wcm/components/page/v2", as:


org.apache.sling.scripting.sightly.render.ObjectModel Cannot access method redirectTarget on object com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.internal.models.v1.PageImpl@33ab76ab


The file/resource structure:


   + core


   + mysite



     sling:resourceSuperType="core/wcm/components/page/v2/page"  ---> no error message


     sling:resourceSuperType="/apps/mysite/wcm/components/page/v2/page" ---> has error message


Then I cloned core/wcm/components/page/v2, created a node as v3 under the same directory as core/wcm/components/page/v3, again, it fails


     sling:resourceSuperType="core/wcm/components/page/v3/page"  ---> has error message


Anyone has any idea why cloning doesn't work?





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Hi @kevingtan 


Can you check if your bundles are active? Also, instead of copying the node altogether, you can proxy the component and refer it to core components page.



Kiran Vedantam.