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Embed FileUpload in Metadata Schema to upload file from system


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Hi Everyone !
Is there anyway of embedding fileupload in metadata schema, to upload related files from system (not from dam.) ?

Something similar to below snap.



Please let me know if anyone ever implemented the same.

Thanks in advance !

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Hi @malay_dube,

It's not possible to have file upload in asset metadata schema without customization. Nevertheless this seems to be incorrect usage of metadata schema, it has not been designed for file upload.

You can consider AEM related assets functionality, that should allow you to achieve what you need:


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Hi @lukasz-m ,

Thanks for the inputs.
But the requirement is to upload few consent forms (related to asset) for authentication from system (Not from DAM). That's the reason I've a thought of customizing schema with fileupload plugins.

Though I have added the plugins in schema, the selected files are not displaying in metadata console.