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'DoR Template Parsing Exception' when trying to generate DOR in adaptive form


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I'm building an adaptive form in AEM Forms, I have the 'Document of Record Template Configuration' setting set to 'Generate Document of Record'.  I'm getting a 'DoR Template Parsing Exception' error when I try to preview the Document of Record  via the 'Generate Preview' button in the forms builder UI. 



If I try to submit the same form and have it generate a PDF of the DOR I get a variety of errors in the error log, including:


20.07.2023 21:27:18.293 *ERROR* [ [1689888438148] GET /content/forms/af/formPath/jcr:content/guideContainer.af.dor.pdf HTTP/1.1] com.adobe.aemds.guide.addon.dor.service.internal.utils.DoRTemplateGenerator [AF] [DoR] Exception in generating DOR template
com.adobe.forms.common.service.DoRTemplateParsingException: Error while parsing template xml


I looked at the settings for the form in CRX, compared them to a working form, and noticed that the 'dorTemplateRef' parameter was missing. I added this and set the path to what I believe is correct, but still get the same error: 


If I download the template form that path and open it in Livecycle/Designer it loads properly.


I submitted this as a ticket to Adobe Premier Support Elite but so far haven't heard back, and it's been over two weeks.  At this point I'm considering just starting over on the form, but am frustrated that I'd be losing a few hours of work.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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This has been resolved.  It turns out that if you use an <hr> tag in a Text component the Document of Record (DOR) will not generate or preview properly. We removed the <hr> tags and the DOR generated properly. 

We're on 6.5.16, OSGI, On-Prem, not sure if this happens in other versions of AEM.