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Displaying Top 3 most viewed articles in a 'Trending Articles' Section


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Hi all, I am new to AEM and am being tasked with displaying the top 3 most viewed articles within my site on my home page. My site is set up so that there is a homepage with a long list of article previews that link to the full articles on seperate pages. At the top of the homepage there is to be a trending articles section that displays  titles (and short description) of three articles that currently have the most pageviews. The articles are integrated with adobe analytics and i can see all the pages with the most views in a adobe analytics report. I have no experience with using analytics to improve user experience and am unaware of any other solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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At a very high level, you could choose a manual route or an automated one.

Manual solution - Have the content author look up analytics dashboard (page views/other KPI) on a periodic basis and configure it in the dialog provided for that AEM component.

Automated solution - Connect/Integrate AEM with Analytics solution (or via Adobe Launch/Adobe I/O route), configure services to pull in specific data or custom report periodically and based on that build the intelligence in AEM component to show specific articles. The frequency can be managed based on requirements.

Adobe Analytics also exposes API to work with, in case you want to go down that route.


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