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Dispatcher not respecting CUG restriction on parent node


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I've been investigating the below dispatcher issue. Can you please provide pointers on the below.

I have a cq:Page titled 'index' and under this page there is 'xyz.html'. This is only visible to group "xyz1" and not visible to group "xyz2" configured on the publisher. Initially when cache is empty a user in group xyz2 will see a 404 - Not Found error for the following requests made in the browser: 1) http://dispatcher-hostname.com/content/index.html, 2) http://dispatcher-hostname.com/content/index/xyz.html

When a user from group xyz1 requests URLS 1) and 2) above, the docs are cached separately in docroot and are seen in the cache as the following: 1) ../docroot/content/index.html and 2) ../docroot/content/index/xyz.html as expected.

When user from group xyz2 requests the cached documents they are able to access http://dispatcher-hostname.com/content/index.html which is NOT expected. However the user still gets a 404 - Not Found error when they access the 2nd URL: http://dispatcher-hostname.com/content/index/xyz.html which is expected. It appears that CUG entitlement check is NOT being respected on the cached parent node (.../index.html) but it is being applied on the child node (.../index/xyz.html).

A few things about my current setup: 1) allowAuthorized is '1', 2) dispatcher is configured to cache *.html, 3) Permission Sensitive Caching IS ENABLED (implemented using http://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/dispatcher/permissions-cache.html)

I read this dispatcher issue but it appears to be different from what we are experiencing: http://help-forums.adobe.com/content/adobeforums/en/experience-manager-forum/adobe-experience-manage...

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so is the CUG applied for parent or the child page ?


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CUG is applied on the parent node e.g on the path: /content/index