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Deploying Netcentric access control tool with AEM Project Archetype 24 | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Deploying Netcentric accesscontroltool with AEM Project Archetype 24 by Aanchal Sikka – Adobe Experience Manager...


The current blog focuses on how we can deploy Netcentric AccessControlTool via the maven project created with Archetype-24.

Challenges faced
Issue 1: The latest Project structure recommends deployment of third-party packages via embed statement. Though, I was able to deploy “accesscontroltool-oakindex-package” via embed, “accesscontroltool-package” didn’t install.
-->Resolution: Use sub-package for deployment of “accesscontroltool-package“

Issue 2: We had created a separate module for ACL deployment. The module needs to be deployed only after “accesscontroltool-package” is installed. When using Cloud Manager, the acl module was deployed prior to deployment of any other maven module.
-->Resolution: Declare the dependency of acl module on “accesscontroltool-package“. Also assure that the cloudManagerTarget is set to none.

Issue 3: Custom user groups are created in AEM, but ACLs are missing.
-->Resolution: If the issue occurs only on first installation for the maven project, then one should check the order in which modules are deployed. For example: If ACL should be applied on a content path, which is unavailable, then ACL set-up would fail. In this case, ACL module should be installed only after all necessary paths are available in AEM. Often, we might need to assure ui.content is deployed prior to ACL module.

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Deploying Netcentric accesscontroltool with AEM Project Archetype 24


Please use this thread to ask the related questions.

Kautuk Sahni

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Thanks a lot @kautuk_sahni  for sharing this here Thanks Aanchal. Awesome tips. Helps a lot.


Level 3

Thanks for the article Aanchal, I tried it with the latest archetype-35 and it worked if we followed the same order of steps while adding configurations on pom.xml, and kudos for noting it in the blog.

Also, a minor observation that a piece of line (groupId for ac oakindex package dependency) was missing in Step 2 (Declare third party packages for deployment via maven project - Adding the snippets in relevant sections of “all” module’s pom.xml)->



Level 2

when i deployed it to local aem, the acl module is missing, i already added <cloudManagerTarget>none</cloudManagerTarget

what else could be missing? i check crx lite /home directory, my custom user groups were not created


Community Advisor

Hello @icegoffy 


I had missed the step to embed the ACL module in ui.apps.structure package. 

I have updated the Blog with the details. Thanks for notifying


Aanchal Sikka


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Thanks a lot @Rajalakshmi for notifying. Really appreciated!


I have updated the blog with the details.

Aanchal Sikka